This Blog is No Longer Active

I mean, I will post every once in a while. On holidays, for example. And I will still be on Skype and Twitter, so feel free to strike up a conversation with me. Ahem, I mean, please keep in touch. Please? But I will no longer be posting regularly on the Diary. You are still welcome to view the archives and comment.

I don't have the time to post or contribute anymore, nor a reason to do so. I don't enjoy this anymore. Thank you to everyone, thanks to my friends, thanks for all the feedback I've gotten over the years, thank you to every one that has supported me and thank you to everyone that has contributed to this community.

Virtual hugs and fist pumps to all of you, from meh!

Take care!

-The now almost nonexistent Jessica Fairyheart

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's a zombie!

So. I've been thinking about y'all a bit more than usual lately, and I just wish I could have more time to see what's happening with my old friends right now. (It doesn't help that I'm listening to Coldplay... :3)

Basically, I was just thinking about what I lost by leaving this community. It's really kind of related to something that happened to me recently IRL (look! A spiral-related acronym!). I spent so much time invested in this, and I really did enjoy it. But did that time pay off in the end? Not really. I didn't benefit from this, did I? This won't be present on my resume. Not gonna help me get into college or get a job.

But maybe I'm overthinking it.

This is going to continue to be a lighthearted post.

I actually kind of wanted to say something about my age. The people closest to me on Skype and stuff probably already know this, but the truth is...

I just got into middle school this year. I turned 12 a month ago. (Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday, you jerks.)

Yeah. Which means I was in third grade when I started this blog. Thus the immaturity overwhelms.

I've been spending my free time (very sparse now) reading chick lit, watching a tiny bit of anime, and browsing around on deviantART and Sparknotes. I talk every weekend with Don don, mostly about SWEROP and me complaining. What have I been doing? Homework (a lot of it), swimming (though not as much now), and I've taken up a new instrument and stuff (after that failed attempt at piano...) It's going pretty well.

What really surprises me is that even though this was a huge part of my life previously, I've moved on. And willingly. I'm focusing on more important things now, like academics. W101 was really quite frivolous in the first place, and I'm actually glad that I left this early. I wouldn't have wanted to do this for another few years until I got to high school, then realized, "What am I doing?" Not that I didn't like it. It just wasn't of much benefit to me in the long run.

Sorry for another post without a purpose. Didn't learn much, did'ya? I'm paying more attention to frivolity these days.

Lesson for the day: This is a great hobby, but if this makes up a large fraction of your day, back off.



Take care!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lessons learned

Over the past couple of years, I've learned a lot. Grown a lot. Matured a lot. I suspect it will, or is, the same for many of you out there. If this is my last post, I hope it's a post you will enjoy. (And this is my last post, to clear up the confusion. So thank you all, and please read my notice above this.)

My posting has weaned off quite a lot within the last year. Honestly, I have trouble remembering what I posted about before. But in place of that posting, I've been Skyping and tweeting. Not enough to make up for it, but hopefully because of it, I still have a place here.

When I think of, or look back on my old posts, I feel embarrassed. I wasn't as "wise" as I am now, I couldn't write, I failed at organization. But now I realize, it was a process. It's because of those old posts, the ones I feel so embarrassed about, that got me where I am now. And I am eternally grateful to everyone that cheered me on, gave me feedback, and created this game that we all are writing about. It's mushy, I know. (I used to be VERY mushy. Trying to tone it down. :P)

I'm sure in a few years I will look back on all my posts, including this one. I will be embarrassed. I will be annoyed at myself for posting something so stupid.

Here be a few lessons that I can only hope others have learned as well.

One thing I think I've done, over the past few years, is hone my writing skills. Reading everyone else's posts have taught me a number of things. Grammar, organization, spelling, all those little technical things that really make your writing enjoyable. And deeper things. I find when I write about these "deeper things" I'm far too immature and it just seems silly. For example, this post. I wasn't even sure I would publish it, but I thought I'd take the plunge and see what people think about it.

I've also learned, and I hope others have too, that on the internet, you have to watch what you say. It never goes away, even if you delete it. So make sure you THINK before you talk. You can never be quite sure what will start another Wizard War.

Speaking of Wizard Wars, I hope everyone's learned a bit about problem solving. Remember that Controversy post I did? I was caught in the middle of a 'war' due to my misbehavior. Yeah, it worked out fine in the end. It's unfortunate it happened, but the most you can hope for is that you've learned a lesson.

One "classic Wizard101 moment" is when another player barges into your fight without asking. Or one of your more annoying, not-as-close friends ports to you in the middle of a private matter and starts asking everyone what you're talking about. (Okay, I admit, I've done that before.) The cheesy lesson in all this is respect. Yes, THAT word. The one that annoying elementary school guidance counselor always used. Respect other people, blah blah. But it's a skill that's crucial in life, no matter where you want to go.

Some people turn to Wizards as a retreat. A way to make friends they'd never have in real life. Fooling around with friends you'd never have in the real world is a unique experience. It teaches you to respect differences and to look past their appearance into their personality.

Creativity. Now you're confused. How is there creativity, of all things, in a community of people obsessed with a video game? Don't they just play this game and talk about what they did?

No, communities do much, much more than that. We dig deep into the game. We look at things that are seemingly random, and we see a pattern. We create fan art, "music videos", music. It's much more than an obsession. For some people, everything you see, even a small log by the sidewalk, is automatically *somehow* connected to Wizard101. It's creativity.

And when others that haven't experienced the magic of this game say that it's immature, you learn that not everyone can appreciate everything you do. You can make them try it, and maybe they'll agree with you, but maybe they won't, and that's okay too. Again, respecting others' differences.

So here I am, working on the first draft of this post on a tiny keyboard in the wee hours of the night. I just couldn't go to sleep without writing this post.

Edit: This is now probably the 3rd revision, and the post is still as bad. Oh well.

It's been a journey for me, getting this far.

You should be glad I didn't add a bad simile to the end of this post.

Take care!

Friday, August 12, 2011


The Diary' has been chosen to give away Great Citadels for the House-a-palooza Contest!

Exactly *how* do you get this wonderful castle?

This time, I'd like you to write a limerick. What is a limerick, you ask? Why, it is a poem made up of 5 lines. The first, second, and fifth have to rhyme and must have the same amount of syllables. So do the third and fourth.

Here's a bad example from my *cough* childhood. (Brace yourselves.)

There once was a redwood tree from Oregon
He met a fellow strangely named Morrigan
When the tall tree was cut down
Morrigan started to frown
Until he met a cute girl named Noragan

Yeah. That's why I always liked the cover on my poem book better than the poems themselves.

One thing though. The poem MUST be Wizard101 related.

The rules (as usual):
1. Email your entries to
2. I have 15 to give out, so make 'em good.
3. Please don't ask me "What do you do?" or beg, whine, or plead.
4. You may send me more than one limerick.
5. Entries are due by August 22.
6. Make sure you write in coherent sentences and it is PG rated.
7. Make sure I can email you back with a code.

Now that all the rules are down, exactly what is this house?

It's a wonderful Dragonspyre house complete with lava, dragons, and a tower! (You've just gotta have a tower, right?)

Yay! Diana has a house now! :P

Start sending in your entries!

Take care!

*Quick book review*

All You Desire by Kirsten Miller was amazing. It's so good, I stayed up until 4 AM reading it. (Almost in one sitting.) The first book in this series is The Eternal Ones. I think the two books would actually be in different genres, the first book would be more of a 'Twilight-ish' YA paranormal romance and the second a mystery/thriller. Highly recommended to any middle-schoolers and above that like mysteries mixed in with a bit of romance.

*End book review*

Monday, August 8, 2011

New post!

Please don't pelt me with chocolate marshmallows, thanks.

Before I get to the main attraction, I have to say, to all you Kirsten Miller fans out there, ALL YOU DESIRE IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! Yay! I'm going to try to get it tomorrow.

I felt like writing a little story, so when I read Heather's post, I knew what I should write.

I gaped as she walked off, fuming. “I am NOT a bad friend! It’s all YOUR fault!” She turned around, her face beet red and an eyebrow arched. I clapped a hand to my mouth. I did not mean to say that. It just kind of came out. I had a habit of doing that.

“It’s all MY fault? Like I was the one running around and calling my friends names! It’s not like I was insulting my best friend’s wand collection!”

“Well, I wasn’t gossiping about my best friend behind her back and trolling in the commons!”

“I didn’t do things in Ravenwood that are against the rules!”

“Yes, you did.”

She couldn’t take it anymore. She disappeared, leaving behind a flash of leaves. So I teleported to my house, smiling because I had the last word.

Then I realized, I had these arguments with my friends once a week. I liked to enjoy life, sometimes hurting others and causing trouble when I did. (I don’t think the tree in the commons enjoyed being practiced on…) Sometimes, I also argued with people I just met, just because I didn’t have the same views as they had. But seriously. I mean, why would you choose death over storm? And, come on, how is Selena Gomez a better singer than my grandmother?

I guess it was given that I got a notice a week later for a class in Cyrus Drake’s classroom, something about trust building. But I didn’t like it anyway.

That's it for today. I hope I didn't offend anyone... Heh heh... *looks innocent*

Sorry for my writing skills, I've been recently trying to hone them by writing a novel. It's turning out to be a soap opera/bad action movie, if anyone's interested.

Take care!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guardian Support Team: An Updated List

Requirements: You must wear black and silver in-game until the Game ends (Black and silver are the Guardian Support Team colors, so if a guardian runs into a fellow wizard, they know they are being supported and that people are actually cheering them on.) and you must comment on this post or the previous one. You can promote us as well by using our hashtag #WizardsforGuardians on Twitter and posting about this on your blog! Go guardians, you can beat DAEMON! Good luck with the riddle!

Anyway, our members at the moment (not going to include me):
Jennifer DreamSinger (2 tweets)
Arlen DawnEyes (1 tweet)
Connor MistBlade
Isaac StormFlame
Blaze ShadowHorn (2 tweets)
Katherine Light (1 tweet, BTW, I can't seem to DM you, something's wrong, how about you let me know when in the comments?)
Kestrel ShadowThistle (1 tweet)
Victoria SpiritBlossom (1 blog post!)

Let me know if I missed someone or a tweet/post.

I'm so glad that everyone's supporting the guardians! This is great community involvement!

Ugh, the riddle's hard.

Take care!