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I mean, I will post every once in a while. On holidays, for example. And I will still be on Skype and Twitter, so feel free to strike up a conversation with me. Ahem, I mean, please keep in touch. Please? But I will no longer be posting regularly on the Diary. You are still welcome to view the archives and comment.

I don't have the time to post or contribute anymore, nor a reason to do so. I don't enjoy this anymore. Thank you to everyone, thanks to my friends, thanks for all the feedback I've gotten over the years, thank you to every one that has supported me and thank you to everyone that has contributed to this community.

Virtual hugs and fist pumps to all of you, from meh!

Take care!

-The now almost nonexistent Jessica Fairyheart

Monday, August 8, 2011

New post!

Please don't pelt me with chocolate marshmallows, thanks.

Before I get to the main attraction, I have to say, to all you Kirsten Miller fans out there, ALL YOU DESIRE IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! Yay! I'm going to try to get it tomorrow.

I felt like writing a little story, so when I read Heather's post, I knew what I should write.

I gaped as she walked off, fuming. “I am NOT a bad friend! It’s all YOUR fault!” She turned around, her face beet red and an eyebrow arched. I clapped a hand to my mouth. I did not mean to say that. It just kind of came out. I had a habit of doing that.

“It’s all MY fault? Like I was the one running around and calling my friends names! It’s not like I was insulting my best friend’s wand collection!”

“Well, I wasn’t gossiping about my best friend behind her back and trolling in the commons!”

“I didn’t do things in Ravenwood that are against the rules!”

“Yes, you did.”

She couldn’t take it anymore. She disappeared, leaving behind a flash of leaves. So I teleported to my house, smiling because I had the last word.

Then I realized, I had these arguments with my friends once a week. I liked to enjoy life, sometimes hurting others and causing trouble when I did. (I don’t think the tree in the commons enjoyed being practiced on…) Sometimes, I also argued with people I just met, just because I didn’t have the same views as they had. But seriously. I mean, why would you choose death over storm? And, come on, how is Selena Gomez a better singer than my grandmother?

I guess it was given that I got a notice a week later for a class in Cyrus Drake’s classroom, something about trust building. But I didn’t like it anyway.

That's it for today. I hope I didn't offend anyone... Heh heh... *looks innocent*

Sorry for my writing skills, I've been recently trying to hone them by writing a novel. It's turning out to be a soap opera/bad action movie, if anyone's interested.

Take care!

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Kirsten Miller said...

Thank you! You have to send me a note and tell me what you think of All You Desire!

Kirsten Miller