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I mean, I will post every once in a while. On holidays, for example. And I will still be on Skype and Twitter, so feel free to strike up a conversation with me. Ahem, I mean, please keep in touch. Please? But I will no longer be posting regularly on the Diary. You are still welcome to view the archives and comment.

I don't have the time to post or contribute anymore, nor a reason to do so. I don't enjoy this anymore. Thank you to everyone, thanks to my friends, thanks for all the feedback I've gotten over the years, thank you to every one that has supported me and thank you to everyone that has contributed to this community.

Virtual hugs and fist pumps to all of you, from meh!

Take care!

-The now almost nonexistent Jessica Fairyheart

Friday, August 12, 2011


The Diary' has been chosen to give away Great Citadels for the House-a-palooza Contest!

Exactly *how* do you get this wonderful castle?

This time, I'd like you to write a limerick. What is a limerick, you ask? Why, it is a poem made up of 5 lines. The first, second, and fifth have to rhyme and must have the same amount of syllables. So do the third and fourth.

Here's a bad example from my *cough* childhood. (Brace yourselves.)

There once was a redwood tree from Oregon
He met a fellow strangely named Morrigan
When the tall tree was cut down
Morrigan started to frown
Until he met a cute girl named Noragan

Yeah. That's why I always liked the cover on my poem book better than the poems themselves.

One thing though. The poem MUST be Wizard101 related.

The rules (as usual):
1. Email your entries to
2. I have 15 to give out, so make 'em good.
3. Please don't ask me "What do you do?" or beg, whine, or plead.
4. You may send me more than one limerick.
5. Entries are due by August 22.
6. Make sure you write in coherent sentences and it is PG rated.
7. Make sure I can email you back with a code.

Now that all the rules are down, exactly what is this house?

It's a wonderful Dragonspyre house complete with lava, dragons, and a tower! (You've just gotta have a tower, right?)

Yay! Diana has a house now! :P

Start sending in your entries!

Take care!

*Quick book review*

All You Desire by Kirsten Miller was amazing. It's so good, I stayed up until 4 AM reading it. (Almost in one sitting.) The first book in this series is The Eternal Ones. I think the two books would actually be in different genres, the first book would be more of a 'Twilight-ish' YA paranormal romance and the second a mystery/thriller. Highly recommended to any middle-schoolers and above that like mysteries mixed in with a bit of romance.

*End book review*

1 comment:

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I'm not entering the contest, but here's a limerick:

I want All You Desire, it's making me sad
it's hard to survive, I'm for sure going mad.
Soonish, I'm sure,
I'll visit the store,
and life will be totally rad.

That sucked...